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in the sky



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Riku + Purple

as requested by ashmoonstone


Young Hero - Ni No Kuni by Xeno-Hunterx

get to know me
[5] female characters (5/5) ▶ mikasa ackerman
"That dream is where my heart belongs, and it’s something more fragile than my life."

Private slow-dancing for the lady.


"It suits you..."

Short-haired Gajeel and long-haired Levy requested by cubroz


team gajeel + metallicana

My new Twitter header. I really like how Metallicana looks here. There’s not enough good references of his body so I made him up with the little we have available.


Dark Waters - chapter 3

This got longer than I expected because so much happened this chapter and afraid it will take forever to finish I struggled to pick my favorite scenes. One of my favorite things about this story is the Levy x Lucy friendship moments so there was some bias here hahaha ♥